WWW/Web server crackers

Ares .9 b20 - easy to use http/html/avs password cracker (49799 hits)
Brute Force internet cracker. Nice advanced methods - WWWhack (51234 hits)
goldeneye 1.0.4 - great http cracker (39422 hits)
hack office 2000 - similar to goldeneye and wwwhack. nice features such as adultcheck generator, leecher, and various cracking methods (133596 hits)
Http Brute Forcer - Works on Yahoo and Hotmail emails. (82241 hits)
NetMole - a new web cracker that has features many other big-time crackers are lacking. supports 999 bots, can be left alone withouts screwing up, advanced pass leaching spider... (22967 hits)
ObiWaN - The goal of ObiWaN is a brute force authentication attack against Webserver with authentication requests - and in fact to break in insecure accounts. (6436 hits)
pass leech - used to grab passwords off of pages with password lists (27635 hits)
Secure Unsecure - Internet cracker with an easy interface (23981 hits)
Sitebreaker - for breaking into password protected sites (65273 hits)
SubReality Software - Crack Whore 2 - Can crack basic HTTP verification (8830 hits)
WebCracker - The home site of webcracker, a multi threaded tool that can check you web site's security. It supports a multitude of features including page filtering and non standard (CGI/ISAPI/NSAPI) attacks. (29875 hits)
WebCracker 3 - Brute Force internet cracker. (14113 hits)
Webcracker 4 - newer version (54288 hits)
WWWhack 1.922-82 - ability to crack pop3, ftp, http (basic), and http (form) passwords (68796 hits)